Tumo Curriculum Activities


The 10,000 foot view

wasp-logoRight now is an exciting time to be involved in web design education because curriculum standards are being developed by the thought-leaders of the industry as we speak.  Two of the biggest groups working on this are the Web Standards Project and the Opera Developer Community.  Tumo has several other supporters as well, teachers and designers around the world who have offered their resources and time to help out.  Right now I give a special thank you to Jeff Brown from Damascus, Maryland and Alex Beltechi from Romania for their support.

The ground-level view

One challenge of putting together a web dev curriculum for TUMO is that there is a gap in the learning curve that we must fill.  The students may not have had experience using computers or the internet before coming to the center.  We also have to build the program activities for a low level of English proficiency to make sure our education plan can cater Armenia-001-168-2to students who don’t know English.

To cover some of this gap, we’re doing several things such as building exploration activities that introduce students to internet tools such as Google Translator, Wiki, Screen Readers; using visual teaching methods as much as possible; giving students hands on experiences to compliment the lessons on the computer, etc.

The center is a creative incubator environment, so students will be learning individually and in groups with each other.  There are access to tutors and diversions to enhance learning.  This is completely different from the traditional classroom setting, it takes away the consistency of a teacher being present for learning.  This is another thing we need to keep in mind while developing the curriculum.

TUMO Curriculum:  The Latest Version

So, in this context, we are actively adopting and modifying the resources available to Tumo’s learning environment.  The TUMO curriculum plan is a living document, and we’ll keep the latest version up for access here.  This is the visual flow diagram for the curriculum.  There is an accompanying Excel sheet that lists over 100 skills that the curriculum will teach, as well as set of skills that accomplish goals that the students will reach.   This is available, and I can send it to you via email if you’re interested.


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